Transfermedia is a media tech and production company based in Germany, focused on implementing pioneering media technology solutions.

Jay is their automated technology solution for the strategic use of metadata in media, introducing viewers to an ‘in-stream shopping’ experience. Thanks to an innovative team of respected media producers and metadata experts, Jay is creating new revenue opportunities for streaming services, advancing the current capabilities of in-stream interactivity. For the first time, viewers  will have the option to directly purchase items that feature on-screen. This will be possible thanks to the collection and analysis of pre-production data - something no other production company has focused on.

Jay’s CEO is industry respected production manager / producer Peter Effenberg. Having worked on many TV shows, documentaries and movies, Peter brings a wealth of technical, industry-specific and business knowledge, with a unique and analytical perspective to media production.

In an industry that sees big players rule, including Disney and Amazon, revenue for the video streaming segment is projected to reach $137B USD by 2027. Jay seeks to ‘revolutionise the way viewers experience content’ while allowing streaming services to capitalise further without having to resort to traditional stream-disrupting commercials. Jay will completely change the way viewers consume media and revolutionise ‘in-streaming’ advertising.