Lavatio is a B2B laundry and dry cleaning company, set on modernising the way businesses get their bed linen, towels and bathrobes, tablecloths cleaned, through efficient processes and advanced technology.

Founded in 2020, Lavatio is a customer-oriented company, offering a full range of environmentally friendly services, designed to be convenient and affordable for the businesses in Latvia. The company operates a service whereby laundry is both picked up and returned free of charge, no more than three days later and with quality results. This is thanks to Lavatio’s implementation of state-of-the-art Kannegeiser equipment and, more specifically, their industrial washing machine tunnels, able to process 1,200kg of laundry an hour, while simultaneously using as little electricity and water as possible. Lavatio makes it possible for hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, etc, to save time and money, while still being environmentally conscious.

The B2B laundry market is projected to reach $104B USD by 2026, and with a greater prioritisation in hygiene worldwide following the recent global pandemic, this is only estimated to continue growing. Lavatio’s strategic and technologically savvy team are fully aware of this, and are set continuing optimising the B2B laundry process for businesses across Latvia.