Sync.MD is a secure and encrypted app which allows users to keep their family’s health records and potentially life-saving medical information all in one place.

Founded in 2015, Sync.MD set out to ease the communication burden between disparate electronic medical record systems through innovative technologies that place the patient at the centre of their information exchange. The Sync.MD app makes it possible and easy for medical records to be shared with providers, caregivers, family members, school officials, or anyone else who may need access, eliminating the reliance on archaic paper records. Prioritising security, Sync.MD solves the issues that similar programs have not addressed, ensuring sensitive information is kept private and is only releasable by the users themselves. As the developer of a patented multidimensional data exchange, Sync.MD allows individuals to become the true custodians of their medical histories, everything from immunisations, to allergies to past surgeries.

Medical tech revenue is projected to reach $1 trillion USD by 2025, due to rising healthcare costs and ageing populations. Sync.MD empowers individuals with greater healthcare independence, thanks to advanced security and identity verifying technology, allowing users to keep their information secure and immediately accessible, all at their fingertips.