The first use case of jay out in the Wild!

Transfermedia news
August 9, 2023

You can see Jay’s technology live via HbbTV in "Kennedy’s Love for Europe", a new docu-drama on Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB)

Jay is the automated technology solution for the strategic use of metadata in media, which was pioneered by the German media tech and production company Transfermedia. Jay allows viewers to access information about the shows they are watching, from cast names to instream shopping, with direct links to purchase products visible in scenes on screen.

During docu-drama the docu-drama "Kennedy’s Love for Europe" which aired in July 2023, HbbTV viewers were able to access jay’s ‘Xplore’’ function via the red button, and discover information about the show, including the cast, the locations and the historical events of the drama, all in-stream without being diverted away from the show. This is all possible thanks to innovative use of existing data which is all collated whilst the show is in production. Jay simply uses this data in a new way. On its first day of broadcast, jay clinched the attention of a whopping up to 70% of viewers, revolutionising how they engaged with on-screen content.

“This production is very special to us because it was the very first time we realised in-stream infotainment together with a broadcaster”, says jay CEO Peter Effenberg. “Now it’s finally on air, and we are thrilled!”

This is just the beginning for jay, and their technology will soon be implemented across more shows, with more information available to viewers and streamers very soon.