Vindome is the world’s first wine trading app, designed for investors, collectors, and wine enthusiasts to increase their wine portfolios.

The innovative platform is the brainchild of two women, over a glass of wine. Co-founder Ingrid Brodin is a serial entrepreneur with broad international experience in strategic marketing, new product development (NPD), and new business development. Founded in 2019, Vindome aims to disrupt the world of fine wine investment. Vindome reduces the supply chain, offers access to thousands of wines, and allows individuals to trade directly with other users.

Observing a 130% increase in the wine index over the past decade, Vindome prioritises transparency and security. All of the wine for sale on Vindome is inspected at Vindome warehouses and authenticated thanks to their NFC tags, which are connected to the blockchain, allowing secure purchases and full visibility of the transaction history.

Vindome is perfectly positioned to empower wine investors to capitalise on investments in a market worth approximately $6B USD annually. Vindome offers wine-related services available through the company, including storage, insurance, shipment, and consulting. With a team of well-connected wine specialists with extensive financial expertise, Vindome is leading the way for the future of wine investment.