Filmustage is an innovative software solution designed to enhance the pre-production phase of filmmaking.

Powered by AI, Filmustage empowers filmmakers by analysing scripts and providing accurate and detailed breakdowns within minutes. This reduces the time and effort required for manual breakdowns allowing production teams to operate more efficiently and with greater accuracy. Filmustage differentiates itself with its own advanced AI technology that automates script breakdown, removing tedious manual effort and eradicating the risk of human error.

Founded in 2020 in the USA by Egor Dubrovsky, Andrei Karalkou, and Ruslan Khamidullin, the identification of the outdated methods used for script breakdowns in major movie studio productions sparked the development of the company, which, as of May 2024, has more than 13,000 registrations, including esteemed film industry professionals such as Academy Award winner Roger Christian, former WarnerMedia Vice President Byron Saltysiak and award-winning Director of Photography Callan Green.