Jay: A Groundbreaking Nominee at HbbTVAwards 2023

Transfermedia news
November 29, 2023

Raw Ventures announces the nomination of our portfolio company Jay, as a finalist in the HbbTVAwards 2023. This recognition highlights Jay's significant impact in enhancing TV viewing experiences.

Jay, developed by transfermedia, is an innovative technology that integrates scene-specific data into television content, enabling viewers to access real-time information about actors, locations, and products without disrupting their viewing experience.

Debuting on Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg with "Kennedy’s Love for Europe", Jay rapidly gained traction, engaging 70% of viewers on its first broadcast. This achievement reflects a shift in viewer engagement, positioning Jay at the forefront of interactive media technology. Our investment in Jay aligns with our focus on innovative digital media solutions, marking an important step in redefining viewer interaction, and we are proud that the recognition they deserve is starting to roll in. 

Jay's Technology and User Experience

Jay's core innovation lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate contextual information directly into the viewing experience. This technology addresses a common viewer behaviour: the instinct to reach for a second screen, like a smartphone, for additional information about what they are watching. By integrating data such as actor bios, filmographies, and product details into the content itself, Jay keeps the viewer's attention focused on the primary screen.

The process involves scene-specific tagging of elements like music, clothing, and trivia. This integration allows viewers to access desired information without shifting attention from the show. It transforms a passive viewing experience into an interactive, informative journey.

Beyond enhancing viewer engagement, Jay introduces in-stream shopping opportunities. This feature merges entertainment with e-commerce, offering a new monetisation channel for creators and advertisers. It represents a significant shift in content consumption, making TV more immersive and responsive to viewer interests.

HbbTVAwards Nomination and Media Trends

Jay's nomination for the HbbTVAwards 2023 in "Best technology innovation in an HbbTV product or service" reflects its pivotal role in advancing digital media. This acknowledgment highlights Jay's alignment with the industry's push towards more interactive and engaging content. It's a clear recognition of Jay’s groundbreaking approach to television viewing experiences.

The HbbTV Symposium and Awards, happening on November 28-29, 2023, in Naples, Italy, is a key event for the connected TV industry. HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is a standard blending broadcast and broadband delivery to enhance viewer experience through connected TVs and set-top boxes. The symposium will gather industry leaders to discuss the latest in HbbTV, including new products, services, and trends. It also features the 6th edition of the HbbTV Awards on November 28, celebrating excellence, like Jay, highlighting achievements in integrating broadcast with internet-based services.

The digital media landscape is rapidly evolving, with a strong focus on personalisation and interactivity. Jay epitomises these trends by integrating viewer preferences and interactive elements into the viewing experience. This approach is gaining global momentum, and Jay is at its forefront, showcasing the potential to transform traditional content consumption.

One of the critical advantages of shopping via entertainment platforms is the ease with which customers can move from inspiration to purchase. Moreover, platforms offer an array of payment options, enabling swift and effortless transactions. These in-platform transactions will be all the more important for behemoths like Netflix and Disney, who are fighting to capture both user’s time, and money. Enabling this interaction right from the jump of a production is a great place for Jay to be.

Jay distinguishes itself in the digital media landscape with its advanced, automated approach, offering a more comprehensive and immersive viewing experience than competitors like Amazon X-Ray. This innovation is particularly significant in today's market where traditional media consumption is rapidly shifting towards streaming platforms.

The positive audience response to Jay's initial implementation with Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg is a testament to its effectiveness. High engagement and satisfaction levels reported in viewer surveys highlight the ease of use and informative nature of the technology. This enthusiastic reception underlines the appeal of Jay's approach in enhancing viewer interaction and experience.

Looking Ahead

Jay's potential for growth and innovation in the media sector is substantial. With the evolving landscape of content consumption, distribution, and production, Jay stands at the cusp of significant breakthroughs in media technology.

CEO Peter Effenberg's vision for Jay goes beyond just enhancing the current viewing experience; it aims to redefine how audiences interact with content on a global scale.

Jay embodies Raw Ventures' investment vision, focused on scalability and solving global challenges. In the ripe-for-disruption media technology sector, Jay stands as a transformative solution. Our investment is driven by a belief in Jay's potential to revolutionise industry standards in content consumption, interaction, and distribution. Recognising the immense potential for media tech disruptions, we are committed to supporting Jay's growth. As it evolves, Jay represents our dedication to impactful, scalable solutions in the media landscape, poised to lead a new era in media technology and set new benchmarks for interactive and engaging content experiences.