Sync.MD's Strategic Leap: Selected by Roche Diagnostics for Startup Creasphere Accelerator

Sync.MD news
November 14, 2023

A New Chapter for Sync.MD

In a significant development, Sync.MD, a visionary player in the healthcare technology sector, has been selected by Roche Diagnostics for its prestigious Startup Creasphere Accelerator. This selection is not just an endorsement of Sync.MD's innovative approach to personal health records management but also an opportunity for the business to expand across Roche’s network as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Roche Diagnostics: Leading Innovation in Global Health

"Startup Creasphere," initiated in 2018 in Munich by Roche Diagnostics in partnership with Plug and Play, stands as a pioneering health-focused innovation platform. At the heart of this initiative is Roche Diagnostics, a global leader in diagnostic services deeply committed to fulfilling critical, unmet medical needs to enhance public health across the globe.

The collaboration with Plug and Play, a prominent Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm and innovation platform, to create the largest hub for digital health innovation worldwide has had a significant impact in reshaping the healthcare startup industry, resulting in over 100 pilot projects between startups and corporates.

“We are excited and honoured to have been selected by Roche for this prestigious accelerator program and look forward to this opportunity,” said Sync.MD CEO and Co-Founder Eugene Luskin.

The Creasphere program connects startups with industry-leading corporate partners to drive the goal of Transforming Healthcare together.

The program offers startups, corporates and partners an environment within Roche’s global ecosystem to co-create solutions and services, drive investments, learn and share experiences, and facilitate international expansion. It is uniquely pilot driven, and all startups selected into the 3-month Startup Creasphere program work on dedicated pilot projects with Roche’s corporate partners.

The Strategic Importance of Sync.MD's Selection

Sync.MD's selection for the prestigious Creasphere Accelerator by Roche is a testimony to its potential. This collaboration aims at enhancing clinical trial data management, highlighting Sync.MD's role in transforming health information exchange. As investors, we see this as a pivotal moment in Sync.MD's journey towards broadening its impact and redefining digital health. 

At Raw Ventures, our decision to invest in Sync.MD was driven by a critical need in the healthcare sector – the integration of fragmented medical records systems for improved patient outcomes. We're inspired by Sync.MD’s commitment to empowering patients in managing their health records, ensuring enhanced healthcare experiences, and reflects our belief in their mission. Sync.MD’s secure, user-friendly, and accessible technology aligns with our vision for transformative healthcare solutions.

Furthermore, what sets Sync.MD apart is its advanced, patented security measures ensuring that patient data is not only accessible but also protected. This dedication to privacy and control over personal health information is crucial in today's digital age, particularly in sensitive areas such as clinical trials and medical record sharing.

Looking Ahead: Sync.MD's Growth and Impact

The selection by Roche is a gateway for Sync.MD into wider opportunities and a broader impact in the healthcare industry. With medical technology revenues projected to soar, Sync.MD's role in empowering patients with immediate, secure access to their health data positions it as a crucial player in a rapidly evolving market.

Sync.MD's journey with Roche Diagnostics through the Startup Creasphere Accelerator is more than a business milestone; it's a step towards a future where healthcare is more interconnected, efficient, and patient-focused. For us at Raw Ventures, backing Sync.MD aligns with our commitment to fostering innovative solutions that not only meet current healthcare needs but also pave the way for a healthier tomorrow.