Sync.MD Secures Government Contract in the US

Sync.MD news
May 5, 2023

Medical tech company Sync.MD has signed a lucrative new contract to become an official government vendor in the US.

Sync.MD is a secure and encrypted healthcare app that allows for medical records to be shared easily with providers, caregivers, family members, school officials, or anyone else who may need access, eliminating the reliance on archaic paper records. Now, the company has inked a deal with the State of Louisiana, agreeing terms for a one-year contract with the Louisiana Department of Corrections as the sole source of data exchange for inmate medical recordsThe contract also includes an option to renew for two additional years.

This new deal, worth up to $670k USD, signifies a tremendous step forward, opening the door to establishing more relationships with other states and the federal government.

“We already have several more states lined up for DoC  contracts - we will do our best to execute additional contracts in the next several months” says Eugene Luskin, CEO of Sync.MD. “The main focus now is on deploying and properly configuring our services to support all required DoC scenarios, which will also allow us to demonstrate our value to all other states.”

“Sync.MD's data management technologies can be applied in even the most sensitive industries and scenarios. The team takes an extremely cautious approach to information protection and security measures, which is a great thing” says Alexey Skobelkin, Head of Product and Tech of Raw Ventures. “There is no doubt that the company's products will be widely implemented, including by government clients.”