Sync.MD empowers users to secure access to health records
Sync.MD news
August 16, 2022

Sync.MD enables patients to securely request, store and instantly share health records, eliminating the need for paper medical records.

Their app is a secure and encrypted, multidimensional data exchange, which allows users to keep their family’s health records and potentially life-saving medical information all in one place.

“Which would you like to have: a bundle of paper or an electronic copy on your phone?” Sync.MD Chief Medical Officer Dr Paul Buehrens said. “They’re mobile just like you are. If you’ve moved, relocated, your records are with you because they’re stored in the cloud and you can access them anywhere in the world, anytime, 24/7.”

From immunisations to allergies, Sync.MD makes it not only possible, but also easy for medical records to be shared with providers, caregivers, family members, school officials, or anyone else who may need access. In addition, individuals can manage their records and their family’s records, and they can control which documents they choose to share.

“You can link multiple profiles to the same phone number, so you as a parent are in control as to what is happening,” Sync.MD co-founder & CEO Eugene Luskin explained.

How does the Sync.MD app work? Once downloaded, and identity is verified, users can specify which provider they wish to request records from. Users can also allow healthcare providers access directly. 

How safe is it? A former associate of Microsoft, Luskin holds several patents focused on data security.

“Our main feature is security, but our main selling point is simplicity. That’s the key for our platform. More than half of the technical background of our team was in cyber security, including me personally,” Luskin said. “This platform was created initially as a very, very highly secure data platform to make sure that we protect the privacy of patients, to make sure that we would protect the data from not just direct hacker attacks but social attacks.”