Vindome, a Raw Ventures Gem, delivers +17% return in Q4 2023, overcoming market challenges

Vindome news
January 31, 2024

Vindome, a Raw Ventures portfolio company, has just reported an average portfolio return of +17% - vastly outperforming the market as a whole.

Vindome’s Q4 Wine report provides an in-depth analysis of the global wine market in 2023, underscoring the fluctuations and opportunities that emerged in a year marked by economic uncertainties.

  • Vindome's insights are a reflection of a new era in wine investing, one that blends traditional expertise with cutting-edge technology. In this article, we dive into the Q4 Report to uncover the stories behind the data, exploring how Vindome has navigated the challenges and triumphs of the past year, and what it signals for the future of wine investment.

    We are proud backers of Vindome and their CEO, Ingrid Brodin whose unique blend of passion for wine and business acumen has created a new pathway in the investment landscape. Since launching in 2019 Vindome has continued to grow and now offers 360° service for choosing, buying, and storing investment wines - all from your smartphone. A key to Vindome's success is its commitment to sourcing exclusively from the primary market, a strategy that not only guarantees the authenticity of each bottle but also resonates with the modern investor's demand for transparency and quality. This approach, combined with the integration of cutting-edge technology and blockchain for secure transactions, perfectly aligns with Raw Ventures' ethos of investing in companies that disrupt and transform traditional markets.

    The Q4 Wine Report from Vindome presents a succinct yet comprehensive picture of the 2023 fine wine market. Key takeaways include:
  • Market Downturn: The overall market saw a -1.5% dip, primarily due to reduced Asian demand impacting Bordeaux prices, which fell by up to 13%.
  • Vindome's Performance: In contrast, Vindome's Bordeaux index decreased by only 4.1%, showcasing resilience.
  • Regional Insights: While Bordeaux struggled, regions like Champagne, Piemonte, and Tuscany outperformed, underscoring the value of portfolio diversification.
  • Growth Highlights: Notably, Vindome’s "Young Margaux" and "Eldorado" collections grew over 20%, and select wines offered by Vindome like the 2016 Carillion d’Angélus rose significantly.

The Year For Vindome

The year was marked by a meteoric rise in the Vindome community, with active users increasing 160% to 35,000. This phenomenal growth not only highlights the platform's expanding appeal but also mirrors the burgeoning interest in fine wine investment globally.

Recognising a regional trend in the Middle East - where Champagne shipments doubled last year, Vindome stepped out and expanded to the UAE. This expansion was timely for the May-June period of ‘En Primeur’, which garnered excitement among investors in the region. Also called ‘wine futures,’ En Primeur allows buyers to invest in fine wines when they are still in the barrel, allowing for a far cheaper price than post-release and providing a challenging but rewarding opportunity for investors.

Such offerings have allowed Vindome's portfolio to shine brightly, delivering an average return on investment of +17%. In a market where many tread cautiously, Vindome's strategic acumen in wine selection and portfolio management propelled them ahead, substantially outperforming the broader market.

Raw Ventures CEO, Victoria Palatanik says, “Vindome invests competently and intelligently, leading our investments to grow. Our strategy, guided by our experts and our Master of Wine, Rod Smith, over the last two years, demonstrates our prudent and wise investment approach.”

Embracing the Future

As Vindome looks ahead to 2024, their strategic focus and technological prowess are set to capitalise on the anticipated market shifts in fine wine prices. Expecting a correction and subsequent increase across the board, Vindome is gearing up to identify and offer the best investment opportunities. This proactive approach involves a keen eye on wines offered by Vindome and Collections poised to outperform the market, especially in the early part of 2024, which is expected to mirror the conditions of late 2023.

Vindome is strategically positioned to harness the evolving economic landscape within the wine industry, particularly in aspects of consolidation and supply chain. This strategic positioning is key to enhancing their storage and delivery efficiencies, ensuring a seamless investment experience. We are now looking forward to the upcoming Bordeaux En Primeur campaign in April and new investment opportunities in 2024. Vindome will be actively involved in assessing, purchasing, and offering the finest wines from the 2023 vintage, continuing their tradition of providing exceptional investment opportunities in fine wines.