AgroTech rebrands as AlmaCann

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October 14, 2022

Agrotech’s rebranding signifies more than a simple name change. Now known as AlmaCann, the company’s new identity, aims to reflect the meaning of the new prefix, Alma, meaning ‘leap’ in Greek. AlmaCann seeks to both lead and define the future of agriculture and the production of medical cannabis in the EU.

"Alma" means "nourishing" in Latin and "leap, progress" in Greek. As Joseph Allalouf, Managing Director of AlmaCann, said, "We understand that innovation is essential in this industry, as well as the use of advanced analytics tools.”

The European medical cannabis industry is currently going through a transformative phase whereby more and more regulators are recognising its benefits and potential in alleviating often painful and chronic disease symptoms, of patients with severe conditions. With industry experts predicting a 15-25% increase in market growth over the next 5 to 10 years, AlmaCann is at the forefront of this growth thanks to cutting-edge technology and unparalleled experience in the sector.

The AlmaCann team unites leading experts in agriculture, cannabis technology, and project management. With deep experience in Greece’s agricultural sector and skills in construction and finance, the team is fully committed to delivering the EU’s highest-quality cannabis products. According to Financial Controller Evgenii Vakhutin, “AlmaCann’s team truly believes in and is highly motivated to achieve the project’s goals.”

AlmaCann’s strategic base in Greece sees the company take advantage of the favourable growing conditions - mild climate with wet winters and hot, dry summers, availability of a local, highly-skilled workforce and regulatory access to key European markets.

AlmaCann is one of the first to capitalise on the optimum European location to propel medical cannabis production forward, while also actively promoting the benefits to the local communities in Greece. With a significant headstart in an emerging market, coupled with scientific and agricultural experts across the AlmaCann team, the company is ‘leaps’ and bounds ahead of the closest competition.