What defines us at Raw Ventures is our mutual ambition to invest in people — not just profit. We look at the unique team behind a startup and we look beyond the great idea. What special qualities make these people capable of evolving and navigating unseen business challenges?

Vitali Kivmann is an established European tech investor and entrepreneur with a background in real estate and business expertise. His financial knowledge and growth expertise has positively transformed the prospects of multiple businesses across the world.

Following a degree in economics and business and an MBA in corporate finance, Vitali became an advisor to various international commodity trading companies. His 20+ year portfolio career moved towards structured financing for multinationals whilst also evolving a programme of investment support and growth opportunities for global tech startups.

As an investor and investment advisor for the real estate sector, overseeing the development of an innovation hub located at Potsdam in Berlin has become an important milestone in Vitali’s achievements.  RAW Potsdam also ignited a highly successful investment partnership with Victoria Palatnik which led to the formation of Raw Ventures.