It’s not sink or swim with us. We are conviction investors. If we at Raw Ventures believe that a company is fundamentally doing something interesting and innovative, then our team will do everything we can to support them, while being able to make difficult decisions and give very honest feedback.

Maria Zherebtsova brings extensive business acumen and a distinctive creative flair, with proven successes across the corporate world and startups. She has more than 15 years experience in finance, sales and business development, with a decade spent combined between the corporate behemoths of Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch (turned BOFA) and SocGen, as well as the more nimble world of startups.

Having walked away from a comfortable career in corporate, and at one point in her life, successfully climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Maria is not afraid of taking risks and pushing the boundaries on what many may perceive to be possible. She is a self-proclaimed ‘generalist’ with an associative mindset, capable of identifying interesting synergies and valuable connections transcending products, markets and people.

Maria is attracted to companies producing technologies that bring real value and innovation to a sector, and which can be scaled across different countries. Whether it’s from the arts or a startup company, Maria loves to be inspired, getting nitty-gritty with the finer details of business’ plans and strategies.