Investment Analyst

We develop a much stronger bond and connection with the businesses we work with when compared to other investment funds. While some funds will simply pull their investment when a business is struggling, we’re here to help, converting our unique knowledge into actionable strategies.

Evgenii Vakhutin is an Entrepreneur and Business & Financial Analyst with substantial experience overseeing billion dollar deals, as well as founding his own technological ventures. He is well-equipped in shaping and guiding businesses in the right direction, to achieve their goals and overall profitability.

Evgenii brings years of strategic consulting and managerial oversight from the largest private corporate bank in Eastern Europe. With direct impacts in $4B USD mergers and acquisitions, public offering processes raising £400M USD for companies, and extensive transaction experience including the biggest fintech company in Russia, he has an unrivalled knowledge of various complex financial markets.

A true enthusiast of the world of investment, Evgenii thrives on the multidisciplinary skills needed everyday, contributing his financial expertise one moment and his IT acumen the next. Those working with him can expect more than just his investment and expertise. They can expect his unquestionable effort and commitment, to provide real solutions for their businesses. This overarching dedication is, in part, how he has directly produced unexpected results and successes throughout his career.