Head of Tech and Product

It’s not sink or swim with us. We are conviction investors. If we at Raw Ventures believe that a company is fundamentally doing something interesting and innovative, then our team will do everything we can to support them, while being sober enough to make difficult decisions and give very honest feedback.

Alexey Skobelkin is responsible for Product and Technology expertise at Raw Ventures. With 15 years of experience in management, business development, IT and engineering, Alexey has a passion for developing and executing on product visions that meet the needs of both customers and stakeholders.

Alexey’s biggest strength is his ability to find solutions for complex challenges based on data analysis and broad outlook. His diverse experience in various fields helps him with this. As a product leader and director, Alexey has been integral in the launch, search and analysis of more than 100 digital products in different sectors.

Alexey loves working with innovation and constantly learning how technology and new approaches solve people’s and business problems. He is always curious about how innovations are transformed into business indicators and product metrics.