Venture Partner
Baltic States

We at Raw Ventures are trusted by startups globally, specifically because we bring more than just investment. We bring a personal and human approach.

As our Venture Partner, Renat Lokomet brings a breadth of expertise, across fintech, crypto, AI and venture capital. With more than 20 years of experience in business strategy, risk management, legal and regulatory compliance, and planning, he has directly fueled the growth of both established organisations and fintech startups.

Beginning his professional career during turbulent times of the 90's, Renat was always interested in finance and technology. Starting in economic consulting, he would go on to lead the board for a big Baltic States financial group, spearheading developments of lending portfolio, investment portfolios and mergers & acquisitions. In addition, Renat is a Council member at both Indexo, the largest private pension company in the Baltics and Summus Capital, one of the leading real estate investment holding companies in Eastern Europe. Today, his focus is investment into technology companies, contributing towards the growth and success of many startups over the past decade.

Renat believes that the success of a startup comes down to the product, the market and the team. He wants to see companies that are willing to do what it takes to grow and adapt. It’s all about vision. Renat is personally attracted to investing in companies that are disruptive, and striving to create something different in the relevant market. He is drawn to startups making more than simply evolutions - but rather revolutions, and improving effectiveness in the market.