Raw Ventures Unveils Online Pitching Sessions to Empower MediaTech Startups

General news
December 7, 2023

Raw Ventures announces weekly online pitching sessions to support early-stage MediaTech startups.

Amidst a challenging climate with more than a 40% decrease in VC funding, Raw Ventures introduces bi-weekly online pitching sessions, offering early-stage startups the chance to secure up to €1,000,000 in funding.

These sessions build on the success of Raw Ventures’ First Global MediaTech Pitch Day, which had over 400 startups from 45 countries participating. The event highlighted MediaTech’s diversity and potential, as evidenced by Setmixer, a UK music startup that won with its AI-backed recording system.

The MediaTech industry, covering technologies in content production, distribution, and consumption, is rapidly evolving. Advances in AI, VR, and digital platforms are reshaping the landscape, making initiatives like Raw Ventures' pitching sessions important for driving innovation.

Significantly, it aims to address the hurdles faced by over 15,000 first-time founders in Europe and the USA, who often struggle with pitching their innovative ideas to secure funding.

"These online sessions are not just about financial investment; they're a bridge for startups to connect, refine, and launch their ideas," said Victoria Palatnik, CEO and Managing Partner at Raw Ventures. "We're committed to empowering startups to navigate the evolving landscape, fostering innovation, and propelling the MediaTech industry to new heights."

Startups are encouraged to apply via the Raw Ventures Discord community or this form. The initiative welcomes companies involved in applying technology across the media stack. Participants will gain feedback on their pitches, products, business models, and market fit from experienced VCs and industry experts.

In addition, Raw Ventures is cultivating a vibrant MediaTech startup community, which you can join here. Founding members will benefit from networking opportunities, potential partnerships, investor connections, and access to workshops and master-mind sessions.