Raw Ventures' The First Global MediaTech Pitch Day Showcases Innovation in the Media Landscape

General news
October 4, 2023

On September 28th, in collaboration with our partners at MTHCon (Media Tech Hub Conference) Potsdam, Raw Ventures hosted the first Global MediaTech Pitch Day. This event served as a platform where some of the most innovative startups could present their ideas to a selective group of industry-specific investors, offering a spotlight to the diverse and inventive solutions reshaping the media landscape.

The event was attended by an array of startups, with technologies spanning across the film industry, social media, and AI, reflecting the diverse and ubiquitous nature of media in today’s digital world.

Setmixer, a UK-based music startup founded by Pascal de Mul, emerged as the champion among ten finalists, selected from a pool of over 400 startups from 45 countries. Setmixer impressed the judges with its innovative recording system designed to autonomously capture and release live music in superior multitrack studio quality. Its AI-backed auto-mixing feature distinguished it, enabling artists to share their music with the public mere minutes after each show.

Pascal from Setmixer remarked, “An event the development of media is so focused and rare. We gained strong exposure and engaged with people around investment, ideas, relationships, because of the focus. Connections and networking were top tier.” Their experience underscored the event's value in fostering fruitful connections within the media tech industry.

Victoria Palatnik, Managing Partner at Raw Ventures, emphasised Setmixer's scalability, the wide appeal of their technology, and the expertise of the team, noting Pascal’s experience at Spotify. She elaborated, “We learnt a lot and discovered new solutions and technologies, gaining insights into what is possible and the problems companies are solving in the diverse media tech industry.”

Victoria pointed out the challenging nature of selecting a winner from a pool teeming with exceptional startups but acknowledged Setmixer’s potential on a global scale as a decisive factor. “We can see the potential of the scalability of media companies, especially those that solve specific global problems” she stated, reflecting on the diverse and innovative solutions presented during the event.

As such, Setmixer wasn’t the only startup to receive accolades at the event. Maekersuite, under the leadership of Philip Werner, earned recognition and was awarded for its innovative AI-enabled content creation platform, capable of optimising scripting time by up to 85%. This award, bestowed by our first-ever AI-powered juror, highlights the platform’s potential to disrupt content creation through data-driven predictions and recommendations.

The audience was also impressed with Legitimate, and came into the event with significant traction, having 1000s of journalists already using their AI assistant suite. It is clear that AI has firmly entrenched itself within the media tech landscape, seamlessly integrating into every phase of content production, from initial ideation and production processes to final distribution. Similarly, Filmustage exhibited the power of AI in their pitch at the event, streamlining film pre-production using AI to quickly analyse scripts and meet industry standards. 

We also saw other new technologies being applied across media tech. Virtuleap pitched their VR training app which blends neuroscience and VR to revolutionise cognitive assessment with its ‘Enhance VR’ games.

This inaugural event by Raw Ventures is not just a milestone but is set to become a transformative agent in the media tech sector, sparking innovation and collaboration amongst visionaries and investors. It has established itself as a pivotal occasion for entrepreneurs to secure the support they need to revolutionise the media landscape and showcase their disruptive ideas.

Raw Ventures continues its mission to catalyse the global media tech ecosystem by identifying and nurturing innovative startups that exhibit remarkable potential and innovation, and strongly align with the future of media technology.