Raw Ventures invests in Employment Matchmaking Platform Worklik

Worklik news
June 27, 2023

Raw Ventures is proud to announce our latest investment in transformative employment platform Worklik. Designed to appeal to the GenZ generation, the Israeli-based platform will connect prospective entry-level candidates with roles across the globe in retail and hospitality.

As so many young people choose to travel internationally, the need to find low-skilled work in regions beforehand is ever increasing. Worklik’s unique algorithms and ‘live’-like approach makes it easy for both employers and candidates to get ‘matched’, in an efficient and timely manner. An alternative to online job boards and recruiters, Worklik creates a new, more personal and intuitive way for people to find work all across the world, before they have even started travelling.

“We decided to invest in Worklik as they are in a very interesting position in their development and we believe in the business model and the team,” says Raw Ventures Investment Director Maria Zherebzova. “We hope that our investment will help facilitate a major inflection point for the business, pushing their solution beyond Israel, to being a truly global solution.”

Worklik has huge potential, evident already in the revenue generated already at such an early stage. Now with their planned expansion into the US and a potential targeted 450k businesses, their potential is even greater, offering more opportunities to prospective workers intending to travel or temporarily relocate to the country.