Fermata AI Technology Proves Successful in Collaboration With Bayer

Fermata news
July 15, 2023

AI-based AgTech Fermata has announced a successful collaboration with Bayer Crop Science in Israel.

Fermata specialises in connecting growers with crop optimisation solutions, facilitating efficient crop production and reduced wastage with AI technology, via their service Croptimus™. Fermata’s recent collaboration with Bayer Crop was formulated to test a model for reducing the use of pesticides, assessing the feasibility of Croptimus™ to identify the capabilities of the computer vision system and prove how early pest and disease pest detection increases sustainability.

The test proved that Croptimus™ was able to identify crop issues that the growers were unable to see with their own eyes, allowing for effective targeted mitigation. This would, in turn, reduce wastage, and the unnecessary need to spray and dispose of all crops. 

This early detection was deemed a success, according to Crop Protection Customer Advisory Manager at Bayer, Emry Gabay. “The initial experiment was extremely successful, and the system copes well with the many challenges in the field. We are already working on continuing cooperation between our companies.”

“We at Fermata very much appreciate the opportunity to work with Bayer on reducing the amount of chemicals applied by growers,” says Fermata CEO, Valeria Kogan. “We are looking forward to this continuing collaboration and making our AI for early pest and disease detection available to farmers around the globe.”

The collaboration with Bayer will help Fermata become more sustainable. “Fermata views sustainability as one of its core values, and our work with Bayer validates both our approach to preserving the environment while improving growers' bottom lines, and our AI-powered IPM solution, Croptimus™,” says Fermata CMO, Ray Richards.