SyncMD app gives patients control of their medical records
Sync.MD news
February 10, 2022

Sync.MD is a groundbreaking app that is transforming the way medical data is accessed and managed. The app enables patients to instantly and securely request, store, and share their health records with their healthcare providers, caregivers, family members, school officials, or anyone else who may need access. Sync.MD's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Paul Buehrens, highlights the importance of having access to medical records in emergency situations, as it can help speed up the diagnosis and treatment process.

The app is not only convenient but also highly secure, with more than half of the technical team having expertise in cybersecurity. Every patient's personal record is secured and encrypted separately. This acts as a precaution against any kind of massive or mass hacker attack. 

Sync.MD's co-founder & CEO, Eugene Luskin, emphasises the app's simplicity and ease of use, as patients can request records electronically or scan records directly into their phone. The app allows patients to control which documents they choose to share and link multiple profiles to the same phone number.

Sync.MD is a game-changer for patients and healthcare providers alike, providing instant access to critical medical information in emergency situations and making it easier to manage medical records. The app's success lies in its simplicity, security, and affordability – making it accessible to everyone who needs it.