Setmixer: Revolutionizing Live Music Recording with RawVentures' Latest Investment

Setmixer news
January 25, 2024

In an era where the immediacy of digital media is reshaping industries, Raw Ventures is proud to announce our latest investment in Setmixer, a startup poised to transform the live music recording industry. This move underscores our commitment to fostering innovative solutions in MediaTech, aligning with our vision to revolutionise how content is created, distributed, and consumed.

Experiences, including music concerts, exploded in 2023, topping record highs from 2022 after pent-up COVID demand.

A new report from StubHub found that 60% of Gen Zs would skip a major life event—a friend’s wedding, the birth of a new family member—if they could be front row for their favourite artist’s concert. A June report from Experian, meanwhile, found that 63% of Gen Zs and 59% of Millennials said they would prefer spending money on “life experiences,” ranging from concerts to travel, rather than invest in their retirement.

It is hard to understate live music’s importance to culture.

However, the music scene faces a significant challenge: the transience of performances. Annually, an estimated 7.4 million live music performances globally disappear as soon as the last note fades. This ephemeral nature of live shows, especially for artists who primarily earn from performances and lack access to studio resources, represents a substantial loss in potential content and revenue.

Enter Setmixer.

Setmixer is an innovative startup founded by Pascal de Mul, who brings extensive experience from his previous role as CEO at Exit Live. Setmixer addresses this ephemeral gap by offering a seamless way for artists to capture, mix, and master their live performances.

The startup's latest software integrates effortlessly with a venue's existing console, autonomously recording multi-channel performances while they happen. This approach ensures that every performance is captured in the highest quality, supporting 16-, 24-, or 32-bit files at sample rates up to 96kHz.

Setmixer's autonomous recorders, which can be installed permanently in venues or transported to tours and festivals, can create a shift in how live music is produced and distributed. Artists can now access high-quality recordings of their performances, ready for distribution on streaming platforms and social media. Meanwhile, venues benefit from a new model of engagement with artists and audiences, becoming active participants in the live music ecosystem.

By providing their recording equipment to venues at no charge and offering a fair revenue-sharing model, Setmixer is creating a symbiotic relationship between artists and venues. This collaboration is not just about recording music; it's about capturing history and revolutionising the way live music is appreciated and monetised.

This investment round, led by Raw Ventures and joined by VGC Partners along with a group of supportive angel investors, marks a significant endorsement of Setmixer’s vision. The company’s innovative approach is poised to dramatically alter the landscape of live music distribution and consumption. By enabling artists to distribute more content readily and allowing venues to share in the revenue from performances, Setmixer is redefining the value chain of the live music industry.

Aligning with Raw Ventures'

Raw Ventures’ investment in Setmixer aligns with our dedication to supporting disruptive MediaTech companies. We recognise the role live music plays in connecting people and the untapped potential in this sector. Our commitment to Setmixer is rooted in a shared vision of harnessing technology to foster deeper connections between artists and consumers. By backing Setmixer, we support their aims to expand and reach to more venues across the UK and eventually, internationally.

Raw Ventures, alongside VGC Partners and a group of angels, is excited to be at the forefront of celebrating and preserving the magic of live performances in the digital age. We anticipate a future where every live performance can be immortalised and shared, ushering in a new era in the balance between IRL experiences and the digital age.