Raw Ventures Sponsors the Startup Pitch Event at the MediaTech Hub Conference 2022 in Potsdam

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September 29, 2022

MTH Conference is the only B2B event on media technologies in Germany, bringing together the industry's brightest and most creative minds. With the focus on sustainability, cloud and the new virtual, the MediaTech Hub Conference 2022 also hosted a Startup pitch competition that attracted a wide range of innovative mediatech startups. 

We were delighted to become the main partner of the pitching event and sponsor the prize for the most innovative startup. Victoria Palatnik, General Partner at Raw Ventures, also took part in the jury panel for the pitching event

The selection criteria for the pitch session included:

  • Innovation level 
  • Problem-solving 
  • USP
  • Market size and potential
  • Investment case 
  • Ambition and growth 
  • The founding team

When asked about how Raw Ventures select what product to invest in, Alexey Ratner (CFO, Raw Ventures) speaking on behalf of Victoria and the fund during the Awards Ceremony shared his timeless advice: 

“In our experience, I would say that the most crucial element for any project is to fundamentally understand what the product is. Not just as an innovative idea, but as an actual product that is being promoted/sold/developed and, of course, the intangible element of having the right team to deliver that product. The ability of the founders to find the right ways to motivate the right people to focus on the product and be passionate about it, yet critical.”

ArtistConnect – the Winner of the Pitch Session at MediaTech Hub Conference 2022

After a heated pitching battle, five innovative startups made it into the final. The diversity of ideas in the finalists’ cohort made the decision particularly tricky. 

“We felt that within this cohort, there were more developed companies, such as PromiseQ, who are already well on their way to raising their next major round of investment. So as a strategy, we decided to focus on companies for whom this particular prize might be really crucial and instrumental in pushing and developing their product. That’s why we have chosen ArtistConnect,” explained Alexey. “They are offering an interesting product with a definitive scale potential and trying to democratise the music business collaborations and sharing technology.”

At Raw Ventures, we believe that investments should go beyond capital. Early-stage startups need much more than money – from legal, admin, and network resources to management know-how and a systemic approach to growth. We take pride in helping innovative startups succeed.