Raw Ventures Presents The First Global Media Tech Pitch Day

General news
June 15, 2023

Raw Ventures is set to host the inaugural Global MediaTech Pitch Day, creating a unique opportunity for startups in the media innovation landscape. With a focus on mediatech startups, regardless of their development stage, this incredible event will connect founders with prominent industry leaders and investors from around the world.

Taking place at the iconic Babelsberg studio in Potsdam, Germany, on September 28th, the Global MediaTech Pitch Day will be the highlight of the MediaTech Hub Conference's second day. Ten finalists will have the chance to secure up to €1M in investment from Raw Ventures and other investors based on their market, business model, and current level of development.

The event aims to accelerate the growth of mature startups by providing funding opportunities and access to a vast network of investors, potential partners, and clients. Early-stage startups will have the chance to connect with over 600 industry leaders including top mentors, advisors, and mediatech accelerators, aiding them in transitioning from the prototype stage to developing a market-ready product. The best pitch on the day will receive a €10K award.

Our Managing Partner Victoria Palatnik emphasises the significance of the event. “Despite the exponential growth projected for the media industry, reaching over $3 trillion by 2028, startups in this sector often face limited public opportunities to showcase their ideas. Our mission is to catalyse the global mediatech ecosystem, empowering startups at every stage to realise their vision and revolutionise the industry. Whether they are early-stage ventures with an MVP and specific product hypotheses or those who have already gained positive traction and achieved product-market fit, we are here to champion their potential.”

Recognising the gap in the mediatech market for dedicated pitching events, Raw Ventures aims to bridge this void by providing a platform for innovative founders to connect directly with investors within their industry. This initiative seeks to fuel innovation and growth in the media sector, addressing the challenges faced by startups in accessing funds and investment opportunities.

Venture Partner Renat Lokomet adds, “Media and technology are now ubiquitous, no longer limited to traditional media, television, or cinema. They encompass the Metaverse, platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Web3.0 technologies, and of course, AI. It all shapes our everyday experiences. While AI currently assists in scriptwriting, enhancing visuals, and performing synchronous translation, it will soon learn to create content and even films tailored to our personal preferences. We aim to create an event that will captivate everyone involved in the evolution and transformation of the media industry in its broadest sense.”

Startups involved in streamlining production and distribution processes, enhancing creative workflows, executing marketing tasks, and facilitating the integration of diverse technologies into media processes, are encouraged to apply before August 8th to join the Global MediaTech Pitch Day.