MediaTech is everywhere. Sifted's interview with Victoria Palatnik

General news
September 18, 2023

The MediaTech domain is in the midst of a transformation catalysed by industry titans like Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon.

These giants have revolutionised their sectors, paving the way for a myriad of emerging startups, especially those leveraging Generation-AI technologies, to further redefine the realms of content creation and distribution.

In a recent conversation with Sifted, Raw Ventures' CEO Victoria Palatnik dissected the core of the mediatech sector. Preparing for The Global MediaTech Pitch Day, Raw Ventures analysed over 400 mediatech startups, up to 60% based in Europe, offering a clear snapshot of the region's mediatech landscape.

1. Mediatech startups are young

Two-thirds of the applications came from early-stage startups that are three years old, with 45% of them yet to raise any funds at all.

2. AI is everywhere

“AI is being integrated into every stage of content production, ranging from scriptwriting to automating production processes, like camera work, dubbing and distribution,” says Victoria Palatnik, CEO of Raw Ventures.

3. All about subscriptions

Subscription plans are present across 80% of startups. Many startups are also developing marketplaces, such as Italian startup AR Market, which helps companies find AR/VR content.  

Raw Ventures also notes that the majority of music-related businesses use a revenue-sharing model. For example, Setmixer (UK), which offers recording services, shares revenues with musicians and venues.

4. European mediatech startups target local markets

Many startups, including more that 60% from Spain and up to 50% from Germany, prefer to target local markets focusing on specific cultures and language, according to Raw Ventures’ data. “This localised approach is proving effective when compared to attempting to compete with US giants,” says Palatnik.