Balena drops custom sustainable material BioCir slides for purchase

Balena news
September 26, 2022

Balena have officially released the world’s first slides, made entirely out of BioCir™ - a material developed to enable the creation of fully compostable fashion items.

Based in Italy, Balena is a material science company, with a mission to design for circularity. The development of BioCir™, a soft and flexible thermoplastic formula conceptualised specifically for use in the fashion industry, contributes towards the notion of sustainable fashion. That’s because the material is biodegradable, completing a full circular process, in an effort to protect the earth and the planet’s oceans.

The BioCir™ slides have now been released, for direct purchase from Balena’s website. By purchasing and wearing the slides, you’ll be making a positive impact on the environment, without compromising on style or comfort. Combine that with a unique cinnamon scent as a result of the natural colourant that they produced with, and the BioCir™ slides are an extremely appealing footwear option.

Balena made it very easy for us at Raw Ventures to want to back the company early on, thanks to a beautiful concept, a smart and comprehensive business plan, and the company’s ambition in innovating a whole approach of the plastics industry towards end-of-life of products. It is precisely the level of innovation and impact that we seek out.