Israeli tech EZbra making strides in women’s health

EZbra news
May 11, 2022

Women around the world undergo 13 million medical or cosmetic breast procedures and surgeries, every year. Yet, there is no standard for post-op care. While the techniques used in breast surgeries have improved drastically over the years, post-surgery recovery solutions sadly, remained unchanged, until now with EZbra. EZbra is a patented, sterile, and absorptive, all-in-one, compression breast bra that is tackling the challenges that arise post-breast procedures both esthetic and medical.

EZbra enables surgeons to address patient discomfort immediately following surgeries and its quick, simple application saves time in the operating room, and improves the recovery experience, allowing patients to recover with dignity. What is special about the breast dressing is its controlled compression (adjust various compression levels to fit each patient's specific needs), absorption(low adherent, sterile and absorbing multilayer occlusive dressing) easy application (easy and fast dressing post-op, designed to reduce operation-room time and recurring clinic visits), drain management (stabilizing drain tubes and holding drain bulb), tailor-made (allows for individual design of the breast and definition of breast folds), and adhesive-free (made to reduce allergic reactions and medical adhesive skin injuries.

The company’s vision is to empower women by giving them control over their healing and recovery journeys whether it involves breastfeeding discontinuation, radiotherapy burns, or many other indignities women face throughout their lives. They want to reshape the entire wound care industry since there is a lack of sterile and disposable compression bras. As EZbra is the first and only solution combining absorption and compression, it addresses needs currently covered by a combination of several products. Customers dealing with breast cancer and going through the constant surgeries needed have found comfort in the EZbra.

EZbra was founded in 2015 by Efrat Roman who came up with the idea while recovering from breast cancer. The Femtech company, located in Tel Aviv, has raised $7 million to date, and is in the early commercialization stages, offering its product in more than 20 countries around the globe.