German production company Transfermedia is launching a new technology solution - Jay
Transfermedia news
June 21, 2022

Thanks to its advanced technology, Transfermedia is providing unique business opportunities for streaming platforms, via in-stream interactivity. Now following the launch of Jay, they are leading the way in which metadata directly connected to and visible in the movie or TV show being consumed, can be interacted with.

Much like Amazon’s X-ray functionality, Jay allows viewers to access information about the actors on screen during a specific scene. Rather than having to Google the actor you recognise as you watch a new movie, Jay’s widget allows viewers to discover the names on screen while watching. Jay also allows viewers to find out exactly where the specific scene they are watching was shot in the world. However, Jay’s services go one step further than anything Amazon currently offers.

Transfermedia seeks to provide scene by scene attributed metadata with Jay throughout movies and TV shows, offering in-stream shopping. Viewers will soon be able to purchase the items they see in the media they consume. Whether you love the coat a character is wearing, or the furniture featured in a character’s bedroom, thanks to Jay’s advanced metadata with the click of a button, you’ll be able to go directly to a page allowing you to make a purchase.

“With Jay, we are enabling a whole new content experience and are paving the way for desperately needed new business possibilities for any streaming distributor. We are absolutely grateful to follow this mission together with the team of Raw Ventures”, says CEO Peter Effenberg.

Since being founded in Babelsberg, Germany, Transfermedia has committed itself to researching and developing state-of-the-art media technologies for film, TV and streaming.

Raw Ventures is now a dedicated investment partner of transfermedia’s business unit Metadata and its new technology Jay. The company is focussed on developing how metadata can be used in in-stream interaction, providing unique solutions for automated Film Data Management via their 2021 launch of Filmdatabox (FDX) and offering 25 years of experience in production services in film, events and facilitates knowledge transfer in mediatech trainings.

“Raw Ventures is thrilled to support transfermedia in its innovative work in the field of metadata in film, through investment into jay. In pioneering tech solutions jay is offering novel ways for consumers to interact with content, as well as opening up a whole new business model of revenues for streaming platforms and their partners. We believe that metadata is an integral part of the future of film and media overall and are excited for this partnership”, says Victoria Palatnik, General Partner of Raw Ventures.