Forbes Interview: How Fermata Uses A.I. To Save Crops Before They Go Bad

Fermata news
July 1, 2022

Fermata is an innovative AI-based AgTech company based in Tel Aviv, focussed on the development of sustainable computer vision solutions for precise plant monitoring. The company has raised $2.6M (USD) towards creating truly viable solutions to automate scouting, provide early disease identification, pest detection, pathogen tracking, and plant growth monitoring for farmers and growers.

With a proven track record of successes from clients of indoor, greenhouse and outdoor growing, Fermata are showcasing the marriage of agricultural science and AI technology, as a combination, improves harvesting capabilities. With off-the-shelves cameras, with simply the hardware to install, and an easy to implement ‘no risk’ trial available, it’s easy to understand why so many farmers have taken to using Fermata. As a result, Fermata can reduce the loss of crops up to 30%, preventing wastage and lost revenue.

Onboarding with Fermata is easy and straightforward. The client simply needs to choose which problems they want to be alerted of and within a couple of weeks, the full system will be up and running, with alerts received throughout the email, Whatsapp and web interface, available on both mobile and desktop. 

Since launch, Fermata has grown, now listed as one of the leading Agtech and AI startups is Israel, and they now operate in Europe, the US and Canada.