Financial Record-Keeping Platform Dillali Raises Funds to Empower African Entrepreneurs
Dilali news
February 15, 2023

A vast and growing number of entrepreneurs and SMEs in Africa are challenged with efficiently tracking their finances. That’s why Raw Ventures are very excited about the recent decision to invest in a bridge round of funding in FinTech company Dillali. The groundbreaking financial accounting app enables business owners in Africa to keep detailed records and gain instant clarity on their day to day finances.

Our investment will help Dillali expand its technical team and partner with key players in Nigeria, and our hands-on involvement brings a wealth of experience from the B2B and FinTech industries, as well as technology sales.

Managing Partner, Victoria Palatnik said, “Dillali is one of a number of emerging companies with really interesting products for SME and entrepreneurs. I believe these startups stand a very good chance of becoming leaders in their segments. That’s why we will continue to invest in the region, and the technology.”

With the support of this new round of investment, Dillali is now well-positioned to address the crucial challenge of improving financial record keeping for small businesses in Africa.

Ibrahim Bashir, founder of Dillali said, “We’re dedicated to improving financial records keeping for small businesses in Africa, and our new investment will allow us to address this challenge more effectively.”

Renat Lokomet, Raw Ventures's partner, adds, “Our ethos is always to work hands-on with the companies within our portfolio, bringing real time resources and experience to tech companies who are at the forefront of exciting and innovative opportunities that can really make a difference to the world.”