Fermata Enters North America — Canadian CMO Join Company
Fermata news
March 10, 2022

Fermata, an AgTech company focused on data science and computer vision solutions, announces its expansion into the North American market. After 3 years of pilot projects and intensive research and development, Croptimus Pest and Disease, the company’s AI platform, is a market-ready solution that identifies pathogens through image analysis.

Fermata was created to be a solution to challenges faced by commercial agriculture, ensuring that LPs and growers are more profitable, and making their jobs significantly easier. Croptimus promises the fastest early disease and pest identification reducing crop loss by up to 30% through detection at the earliest stages. Additionally, Fermata's solutions help growers by providing automated alerts directing them to the exact source of the problem, saving up to 50% on time normally expended on human scouting.

The expansion into North America also brings new Canadian leadership with Ray Richards as Chief Marketing Officer.

“I am excited to be joining such a great team at this crucial stage of Fermata’s development. All of the pieces are in place to generate exponential growth as we enter the North American market with our machine learning solutions. We have an extremely innovative, useful product that saves growers both substantial time and money - now all we have to do is let the world know about it,”  Ray Richards, Fermata CMO, said.

Fermata entering North America will bring new tools to growers to help them increase profitability and reduce labour.