Fermata Announces New Updates to Croptimus

Fermata news
April 19, 2023

Agtech company Fermata has announced exciting new updates to its Croptimus™ service, further optimising efficiency for growers worldwide.

The Israeli company has been elevating growing crop potential for farmers, thanks to their state-of-the-art technology solutions which increases efficiency and reduces wastage. Now, thanks to their latest update, growers will have even greater tools to optimise their crop production.

"The Fermata team continues to develop the product and offer customers effective solutions to problems that previously required a lot of routine human work.” says Alexey Skobelkin, Head of Tech and Product. “The new release of the platform will make it possible to analyse problems more quickly, find pests or plant diseases, and therefore save crops even more effectively. In addition, the team is actively working to expand the number of crops and parameters analysed by the system, and includes such improvements in every update.”

As an AI-based company, Fermata is constantly developing new AI algorithms to improve detection capabilities. In this update, they’ve also added two new AI-algorithms for strawberries, including fruit deformity and poor pollination.

“Fermata Technologies perfectly demonstrates how innovations and new technological breakthroughs in AI can be quickly transformed into useful and valuable products for society and business", continues Alexey Skobelkin.

In summary, these new updates will further improve growers’ crop growing productivity, while showcasing how Fermata are pushing the needle forward in AI-based crop growing technology.