Beyon3D and Ciment opens the first factory of its kind in the world
Beyon3D news
April 17, 2022

Beyon3D has partnered with Ciment to open the first factory of-its-kind in the world, dedicated to the production of concrete products.

Founded in 2011, Israel based company Beyon3D is a rapidly growing multidisciplinary building technology and industrial robotics company. Beyon3D’s unique business model and increasing product demand, enables deep market penetration, and maximum profitability. Beyon3D has been at the spearhead of ingenuity in the construction industry through the development of new technologies and production processes, via extensive R&D over the course of 10 years.

Now, thanks to their collaboration with Ciment, an importer of cement to the Israeli market, they are able to increase the speed of construction time, improve efficiency, increase productivity and local production capacity. Not only that, the partnership allows Beyon3D to do this, all while eliminating costs and an overall elimination in dependence on the international supply chain.

It was announced that, in March 2022, testing had begun on concrete production at the plant in Haifa, Israel. This update signifies an exciting step forward for Beyon3D, as the company continues to showcase its scalability and expand its operations, with plans to establish 25 more factories around the world.

"The company is primed to take an important step towards realising its vision of revolutionising the construction sector and the way we build," said Ran Berman, CEO of Beyon3D. "In the coming years, the company's groundbreaking manufacturing system will spearhead the transformation of traditional manufacturing processes."

Beyon3D was one of 51 new companies listed on the TASE as of 2021. As of 2021, the company was valued at $66M USD. Raw Ventures is proud to back the growing company, and are extremely excited for the years ahead.