Balena slides listed in 3 Key Sustainable Fashion Trends To Follow This Year

Balena news
June 23, 2022

With consumers increasingly rejecting “fast fashion,” buying quality over quantity and making eco friendly purchases, the fashion industry is trying to act more responsibly for the sake of the planet and future generations. Every brand talks about “sustainability” with many actually making significant changes. And for international fashion showcases like Oslo Runway, sustainability is the core focus. CEO Elin Carlsen says “as a national display platform, we have a commitment to contribute and shape new mindsets and practices for a more sustainable industry.”

Sustainable fashion brands use materials from natural or recycled fabrics that require less or even no chemical treatment, less water and energy. And linen, hemp, organic cotton and tencel (made from wood) are biodegradable. But sustainability isn’t just about materials. It’s about changing the ways of thinking and practices of design, production, communication, wearing and enjoying fashion. Here are some of the clever fashion brands embracing sustainability with actions not just words.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, soon to be launched Balena slides are the first in the world to be made entirely of BioCir™, a unique material developed to enable the creation of fully compostable and biodegradable fashion items. Products made of BioCir™ reach their end of life responsibly including full decomposition and biodegradation of the material back to the ground safely. And they smell good too as the natural colorant in the slides is cinnamon.