Balena is ‘Fashion’ Winner at the Green Product Awards

Balena news
March 28, 2023

Israel based material science manufacturer Balena has been honoured with the ‘Fashion’ Award at the Green Product Awards 2023.

As the manufacturer of a signature and flagship material BioCir™, Balena is committed to revolutionising the fashion industry, contributing towards the notion of sustainable fashion. Their goal is to facilitate a holistic circular solution, allowing fashion items to be 100% biodegradable in an industrial compost environment. Recognising this, the Green Product Awards have awarded the company with the fashion award.

The Green Product Awards is an annual international competition for innovative, sustainable products & services. It is aimed at both established companies & start-ups. In 2023, they received more than 1,300 entries from over 40 countries, indicating a global appetite for sustainable solutions, and potential competition. Balena’s win showcases how the company is leading the way in their drive towards fashion sustainability.

“We’re honoured to be recognized as a leader in the field of sustainability in the fashion industry by the Green Product Award,” said David Roubach, Founder & CEO of Balena. “We’re helping foster a truly circular economy with responsible end-of-life solutions for consumer products and this award recognises our work creating sustainable plastic alternatives for fashion. We hope our BioCir material shows the world that there is a real alternative: Fashion can be fabulous, functional, and Earth-friendly.”