AIBODY Tops UKT News Higher Education Evolution List

UKT News
August 7, 2023

UKT News has recently unveiled its "Higher Education Evolution" list, highlighting the top startups transforming the educational arena. Among those making waves is AIBODY, a groundbreaking startup backed by Raw Ventures and recognized for the significant value of its technology for medical education.

AIBODY’s unique advantages

Unlike any other physiology simulation software in existence, AIBODY’s digital human model is built from the subcellular level up. This unique approach to modelling digital physiology captures all biochemical and biomechanical transformations and allows for intervention at the level of enzyme performance and ion channel function. This unlocks previously unseen levels of sophistication and flexibility in medical simulation. In practice, this means that content creators and training providers can leverage AIBODY’s technology to build highly interactive learning experiences with true-to-life human physiology.

In addition to building its own educational solutions, AIBODY offers access to its digital physiology to content creators in medical education & training who are looking to enhance their products with realistic simulations of physiological processes.

Tackling the key challenges in medical education

Research continuously shows that some of the key challenges faced by medical education today come from the lack of easily accessible tools which enable inter-disciplinary collaboration. Training is also often limited by the inability to create realistic and flexible training scenarios easily and cost-effectively for a diverse range of complex conditions.

Interdisciplinary collaboration, unbound by geography

One of the most pronounced shifts in the education sector, accelerated in recent times, is the move towards remote learning. AIBODY’s digital physiology platform taps into this trend by offering dynamic learning opportunities which alleviate risks to medical education stemming from systemic events (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) by providing rich learning content over the cloud, eliminating the need for physical presence. Additionally, using advanced simulation technologies, such as AIBODY, in a collaborative manner allows students and medical professionals to practice inter-disciplinary problem-based scenarios to strengthen multi-disciplinary insight, experience clinical ethical dilemmas and respect different viewpoints.

Condition diversity, complexity, and realism

Medical education, historically reliant on real-time observations, often grapples with the limitations of existing technologies to create realistic real-life scenario simulations with sufficient diversity and complexity. AIBODY solves this issue for medical trainees and professionals by enabling the use of its true-to-life digital physiology in on-screen and XR

learning environments for the creation of highly immersive and practical content characterized by the ability to simulate a broad range of medical conditions and practice diagnosis and treatment quickly and easily in real-time.

Looking forward

Strategic collaborations are at the heart of AIBODY's vision as they work to expand their partnerships with training & education institutions to create a blend of innovation and educational expertise which can build the next generation of medical education tools and redefine curricula, training modules, and practical sessions in the coming years.

Going beyond education, AIBODY has its sights set on becoming a leader in the exciting field of digital twinning of the human for healthcare. For over a year, they have been working with the German Heart Institute at Charite on building a highly innovative technology which allows the digital twinning of a patient’s heart using only echocardiogram data. Stay tuned for our follow-up article on AIBODY which will cover their groundbreaking digital twinning technology in more depth.