AIBODY Pioneering a New Era in Cardiac Healthcare with Its Nova Heart

November 8, 2023

AIBODY have announced an incredible new product called Nova Heart, developed in collaboration with the German Heart Centre at Charité (DHZC).

Based in the UK, AIBODY enables the real-time simulation of biophysical, physiological and biochemical processes for medical purposes. As the world’s first Digital Human Organism built from the cellular level, AIBODY simulates true to life responses to countless healthcare scenarios, allowing medical professionals to assess how bodies will respond to certain treatments.

Developed over the course of 18 months with a dedicated team at the Department for Congenital Heart Disease, the Nova Heart is an innovative technology which creates a digital twin of the human heart using echocardiogram data. The teams have converted their advanced knowledge of cardiologically anatomic complexities, into state-of-the-art 3D models, while streamlining the logistics of patient data collection, transfer and presentation.

The implications for the Nova Heart are enormous. AIBODY’s new technology promises to enhance understanding of complex heart conditions and defects, offering invaluable insights for neonatologists, cardiologists and medical students. Simultaneously, it will also serve as an efficient platform for continuous patient monitoring and risk assessment, providing transformative new perspectives on patient heart health.

“Nova Heart is a groundbreaking technological evolution, coupling an anatomically precise 3D model with a sophisticated intracardiac hemodynamic model, derived from low cost and widely available echocardiogram data,” says our Chief Strategy Officer David Rose. “This means that Nova Heart truly has a global application.”

The world-class clinical expertise, delivered through the team at DHZC, ensures the solution meets clinician needs for both congenital and acquired heart conditions. It is estimated that there are more than 13M people worldwide living with congenital heart disease, and there are likely millions more undiagnosed. This technology would improve the ability to diagnose these people, and improve their quality of life.

AIBODY’s goal is to introduce and integrate Nova Heart into clinical practice, accessible online for all healthcare professionals.

 “We envision Nova Heart as a cost-effective, universally accessible and practical digital twinning tool that will integrate into clinical workflows and advance the practice of personalised medicine,” Kiril Tasseff, AIBODY’s Chief Executive Officer, says. Dr. Aaron Smith, AIBODY’s Chief Medical Officer continues “Nova Heart greatly enhances 2D echocardiogram visualisation and lightens physicians’ workload and ensures immediate access to the most pertinent information and displays important trends in the data.”

Nova Heart will be continuously updated, ensuring the tool contains information on as many pathologies as possible.